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The first thing to now is : this software don't delete photos, it just copy the photos in classified sub-directories in the photo directory.

The UI is organise in 4 zones :
  1. Top : Menu button
  2. Left : List of image to classified
  3. Center : Showing zone
  4. Right : Classified image list

The thing is to transfert images from left list in classified right list.

Project management

  • CodePlex Thumbnail : Add a new image directory
  • File.png : Create an empty project
  • Open.png : Open an existing project (*.prj)
  • Save.png : Save project
  • Appliquer.png : Apply change
    • This functionality create the subdirectories and copy the related image into this.

Image functionnalities

  • NoirEtBlanc.png : Show selected image in black and white
  • GoGauche.png : Turn left selected image
  • GoDroite.png : Turn right selected image
  • compare.png : Compare mode
    • Enable compare mode, this mode permit to show multiple image in single window
      • First clic on compare mode
      • Second select image in left or right list
      • Select image and tranfert it in wanted left list

Directory functionnalities

  • Add.png : Create new directory, by default only one directory (I keep) is created
  • You can rename or delete a directory with contextual menu on directory button
    • When you clic on directory button, this change the right selected related image list. It permit to transfert image in related subdirectory.

Exif functionnalities

  • You can show exif image information by a right click on the image in the right or left image list.

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